Telugu Media- hallmark of Yellow Journalism

August 26, 2017 0

Read Time: 2 minutesThe conception of Media Ethics and Professional Journalism is at stake in Telugu States. There are almost 30 channels in these 2 states. Media is supposed to be a watchdog that attempts to find  facts […]

Psychologically depressed KCR hits out at Congress

August 2, 2017 0

Read Time: 2 minutesKCR claims that TRS is not able to implement/develop Telangana since Congress filed cases in court against those programs. It’s common sense, why would court ask Govt to stop implementing those programs if they are […]

Technology can help avoid litigation over real estate disputes

August 1, 2017 0

Read Time: 4 minutesIn smart contracts, the software automatically executes a transaction without any requirement of manual enforcement A digitised registry, smart contracts and Blockchain technology can help avoid disputes, fraud and litigation involving real estate A few […]

TRS failed executing Harithaharam

July 26, 2017 0

Read Time: 2 minutesThe Telangana government’s ambitious plan to expand the state’s green cover from the existing 24% to 33%, through a five-year program launched in 2015, may have taken off well but its implementation has faced serious […]

KTR relative involved in Siricilla sand mafia

July 24, 2017 0

Read Time: 1 minutesTPCC Chief N Uttam Kumar Reddy today alleged that IT Minister KT Ramarao’s relative was in the sand mafia in Sircilla district. Speaking to the media after extensive TPCC meeting at Gandhi Bhavan here on […]

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