Mokila- Techies new destination

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Mokila is the new destination for most of the IT people in Hyderabad who are willing to invest in Real estate. It is a quiet expanse of green about 16Km to the west of Gachibowli on the way to Shankarpalli. The road to Shankarpalli takes off from Gandipet and runs along picturesque countryside, dotted by private farms and farm houses. The only large buildings that one would see on the way, are educational institutions like CBIT, MGIT and IBS. The 150ft road from Gandipet has the Osman Sagar Lake on the left all along for almost 15 Km.

On the right, the road skirts super rich land of Kokapet, followed by Khanapur. Khanapur is connected to Gachibowli through a link road via Vattinagulapalli and Gopanapalli. As we drive past Coca Cola bottling unit at Khanapur, we will see several rich farm houses and old factory buildings.

Factories along the road were shut down following Supreme Court order restraining any commercial, residential or industrial activity in villages surrounding Osman Sagar Lake. The order is implemented through a State Government GO, now known famously (infamous for many since it restricts real estate development!), as GO111.

The GO has been implemented vigorously so far, which has resulted in growth of healthy green cover from Khanapur till Mokila. Mokila is 10 KM from Khanapur and is the first village which is outside the control of GO111.

Incidentally, the villages immediately after Mokila, Bulkapur and others are also controlled by provisions of GO111.

This exemption for Mokila from applicability of GO111, has resulted in making residential land of limited quantity available for investment. Since the land is limited, there is demand from buyers and during last 2 to 3 years there has seen consistent development happening in Mokila.

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