Telugu people and their corrupt politicians

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Revanth was caught red-handed bribing co politician for MLC seat. The whole episode was telecasted on TV. Yet, Revanth does not blink. His confidence remains intact. He rubbishes all of it saying it was ‘Political Vendetta’ by KCR and co.In India you can wriggle out of any entanglement, escape any conviction, overturn any evidence, and falsify any logical argument, stultify any rational theory, win any argument.

Telugu people are discriminatory in nature by- Caste, Region and Religion. With Caste and Regional Politics dominating/ruling Telugu Politics, the arrest of Jagan Reddy by CBI in 2012 aroused the differences further more. Many Telugu’s think Jagan is corrupt and at the same time think who is not in Politics, exempting few politicians like JP, Narra Raghava Reddy and some Communist Leaders. Common Man with common sense would easily say by looking at the sequence of events which took place prior to the arrest of Jagan Reddy that it is truly a conspiracy. If not they would have arrested KVP Rao, close aid of YSR. Jagan is out from jail and lost to Babu in recent elections merely in a close fight. Jagan has got 33% vote share in AP.

Next comes our Andhra ‘Nippu”Hazare’ ChandraBabu. Back in days Tehelka investigative journalists reported that Chandra Babu is the most corrupt politician during his tenure and an enthusiastic citizen filed a case to investigate this. CBI has never even looked into that case. Babu is good at managing courts is what people say. Similarly he was able to get away from Eleru, IMG and liquor scandals during his 1995-2004 tenure. This term he was caught red handed by Telangana ACB while trying to bribe a TRS politician and yet he defends himself saying what right Telangana police has to catch him and doesn’t explain why he was doing that. Babu has 33% standard vote share in AP.

Next comes Telangana ‘pitha’ KCR-what his staunch supporters call him. He is following foot steps of both Naidu by managing media (Ramoji and co) and YSR by having his own media Namaste Telangana. Keeping aside what he achieved in last 2 years as CM, there are no corrupt allegations on him as of yet. But there are rumors that KTR has 60% stake in Mission Bhageeratha contract which he is sharing with Mega Krishna Reddy and Harish Rao openly asking for 10% commission on Mission Kakatiya Contracts. Rumor is that Harish is asking non corrupt irrigation employees to go on leave-something like forced vacation. Now they have their own share of votes in Telangana.

Are people not aware of these dishonest politicians? Yes- they are but still vote for them. For politicians like Uttam Reddy, PCC President, ex service man who committed his life to the country and non corrupt politician- has no takers. Even media doesn’t care Uttam.

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