Metaphilosophy of Creation by Dr.Prattipati Ramaiah

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Dr.Prattipati Ramaiah with vast experience by studying Scriptures,has the answers for most of questions related to Cosmos -a whole harmonious and orderly system that is governed by natural law while “universe” is everything that exists including time and space, matter, and the laws that govern them. Dr.Ramaiah studied Bachelors Degree in Engineering at Govt College of Engg, Kakinada.

Dr.Ramaiah now published a book on Metaphilosophy  of Creation. Some key points in the book are

Cosmos and beyond Cosmos:

Maharshis and yogis with their yogic powers and knowledge acquired from Vedas were able to penetrate all frontiers of knowledge and revealed Cosmos and beyond Cosmos.

They revealed most subtle stages of Creation through Intellect–Born–Knowledge and revealed Cosmos and beyond Cosmos through Frontiers of Knowledge. The final point was reaching three levels of Cosmoses through Niratisaya Znana and all other associated matters.

An  attempt has been made to bring out Laws which are eternal in nature.These  are based on scriptures They help understand relate to the concept and comprehend better. These  Laws applicable to this universe ,other infinite universes and other subtle creations from which these universes are evolved and dissolved.

Decades of acquiring knowledge

Discussions with the learned and saintly people, reading scriptures, critical analysis of knotty issues and applying intuition to understand missing links have helped the author to bring out this work . As has been mentioned already, the information available was just the parts of a ship and not a ship fit for travelling.


The author has tried to put the dotted and puzzling information in an order. Now with the available parts, accessories and infrastructure, he has tried to build the hull of a ship.

The wood work is the remainder. If all those institutes and organizations with sufficient financial resources come forward to go further with this work, by using this as the basis to complete the work, it would become a very comfortable and spacious ship in which all can sail in this wonderful ocean of knowledge.

Location of manuscripts mentioned is of the highest priority . This work “ Metaphilosophy of creation” is the result of exploring the secrets of creation and may be used as a study material by the interested for future research.

Book is available online on Amazon and other retail websites.


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