18 months old Naidu’s grandson is already richer than him

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Reventh Reddy, TDP MLA opened his heart once on TV and said his monthly expenses are around 10 lakhs per month. Guess how much Naidu must be spending a month and his assets?!

Nara Lokesh on Wednesday announced family assets for the sixth consecutive year.. Chandrababu Naidu and his family members together own assets of Rs 74 crore.

Naidu’s assets are worth Rs 3.73 crore, including a house in posh Jubilee Hills in Hyderabad worth Rs 3.68 crore.

The Telugu Desam Party (TDP) chief owns an ambassador car worth Rs 1.52 lakh. He also has a bank loan due of Rs 3.06 crore, thus leaving him with net assets of Rs 67 lakh against Rs 42 lakh declared last year.

Naidu’s wife Bhuvaneswari, the Managing Director of Heritage Foods, owns assets worth Rs 38.66 crore while her liabilities are to the tune of Rs 13 crore.

Bhuvaneswari’s assets include Rs 19.95 crore in shares of Heritage Foods. She also has investment of Rs 3.23 crore in other companies.

Lokesh, the General Secretary of TDP, owns assets worth Rs 14.50 crore while liabilities total Rs 6.35 crore. He has Rs 2.52-crore investment in Heritage Foods and Rs 1.64 crore in other companies.

Lokesh’s wife Brahmini owns assets of Rs 5.38 crore, including a house in Jubliee Hills (Hyderabad) valued at Rs 3.50 crore. She owns land in Manikonda and Madhapur, both in Hyderabad, worth Rs 1.40 crore.

Lokesh also declared assets in the name of his son Nara Devaansh, born last year.

The one-and-half-year old owns Rs 9.17 crore house in Jubliee Hills (Hyderabad). He also has fixed deposits of Rs 2.4 crore in his name.

Naidu’s grandson also has Rs 2.31 lakh in cash to his credit.

Lokesh said whether in opposition or in power, they always declared their assets voluntarily.

He slammed the YSR Congress Party for the allegations that they own huge properties in benami. He said if anybody proved that the family own more assets than what they have declared, they would transfer the same to him.

Lokesh denied that he was interfering in the state administration. He said it was for the party politburo to decide whether to induct him in the cabinet or not.



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