Why is Metro Rail delayed?

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Even as commuters in Hyderabad make their way to and from work every day, one sight that they are guaranteed to witness, is ongoing construction work for the Hyderabad Metro Rail, which is at various stages of completion in different parts of the city.

The construction work for the Metro has come into the limelight as it is contributing to the commuting nightmare that Hyderabad has become, due to its crumbling infrastructure.

Many arterial roads in the city presently have diversions and bottlenecks, with traffic coming to a complete standstill during rush hours.

At present, reports suggest that more than 200 court cases were pending against the Hyderabad Metro Rail.

However, officials now claim that work is gathering pace and the 71.16 km elevated metro rail project is likely to be fully operational by December 2018.

As per the latest release by officials this month, 17 stations have been completed on two stages while work is in progress on three interchange stations and other 30 stations.

When The Hindu asked NVS Reddy, Managing Director of Hyderabad Metro Rail, if there was any slowdown in the progress of the project he said, “As the works enter critical phase and denser parts of the city, people may perceive there is slowdown. But this is not the case. In fact, big chunk of work is executed at higher planes, and in developing stations, rail overbridges and interconnects.”

Many questions are also being raised over the completion of the Nagole to Mettuguda and SR Nagar to Miyapur stretches, which were certified months ago and are ready for use.

One of the main issues of contention between the Telangana government and L&T, is bearing the brunt of the delay.

The project cost has already been increased by around Rs 3,000 to Rs 4,000 crore from its initial estimate, and L&T is looking at the government for monetary compensation, while the state isn’t too keen on the demand.

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