Dhanush ‘Kodi’ is the Diwali Winner

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Shivaay, ADHM, Kashmora and Kodi were released on Diwali. Of all those movies Kodi seems to be the winner of the Diwali Race. Most of the reviews rated Kodi 4/5.  Rest all are below average.

Dhanush played a dual role in the film – one is a professor named Anbu and the other is a politician named Kodi.  Dhanush was seen with a long beard in the politician’s character and is clean shaved in the professor’s role. Trisha played the role of a baddie for the first time and Premam fame Anupama Paremeswaran also played the lead in the movie.

“Kodi” is the story of political ambitions. It has two sides to it – positive and negative. Dhanush does a decent job in a dual role. The older brother is Kodi, an aspiring politician, and the younger brother is Anbu, a lecturer. As the title reveals, this R. S. Durai Senthilkumar film is not about the lecturer, it’s about the politician.

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