Hyderabad to host ICANN meet in Nov


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Cyberabad is all set to host a crucial meeting which will decide who will oversee the Internet’s domain name system functions. Since the inception of the web, the Internet-governance has been in the hands of the US government.

The 58th meeting of Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers’ (ICANN), which will be held at HICC from November 3 to 9, will decide which country or countries will oversee the Internet’s domain name system functions.

ICANN Asia-Pacific Hub vice-president and managing director Jia-Rong Low, ICANN India head Samiran Gupta, director of electronics and information technology Rahul Gosain, Telangana state IT secretary Jayesh Ranjan disclosed the objectives of the ICANN meeting to reporters here on Wednesday.
Jia-Rong Low said the Hyderabad meeting would take a key decision that would impact 165 countries.The US has already decided to go head with its plan to hand over overseeing of the Internet’s domain name system functions to a multi-stakeholder body this year.

ICANN, in contract with the US department of commerce, operates the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) which enables the operation of the Internet domain name system (DNS). These include responsibility for the coordination of the DNS root, IP addressing and other Internet protocol resources.
“Hyderabad will witness the transition from US to others,” Jayesh Ranjan said, adding  that around 2,500 delegates from around 80 countries would take part in the meeting.
About 1,000 of them would be from other countries. He said the TS government would take advantage of the meeting and promote  Hyderabad as an IT destination.

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