ISIS running training center in Malakpet?

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The death of a junior lecturer working in a college in Hyderabad, hours after he posted serious allegations on his Facebook account, has triggered off mass speculation on social media.

K Praveen Kumar, who was working in the MS Junior College at Malakpet, died on Wednesday after reportedly getting hit by a truck near the MGM hospital in Warangal.

In a series of posts in the early hours of September 28, Praveen claimed that ISIS was running a training centre in his college in Hyderabad and that they had beheaded a Hindu lecturer working in the institute.

His posts, in the order in which they were published read:

Save the country…from terrorism…now i will have threat…from the isi agents…last year they tried to kill me…police can u give me protection…if it is possible save the country…hindu lecturers were beheaded in Ms junior college…save the other lecturers…I love INDIA…ISIS training center in Hyderabad…I will have threat from MS junior college management…if anything happened to me that’s because of MS education academy…save the INDIA from the influence of Pakistan…bharath matha ki jai…please don’t ignore this thing…I am talking about only institution not about the community…thanks to our family members and friends (sic).

However, the police say that there is no evidence to back the claims made by Praveen.

(A screenshot from Praveen’s Facebook profile)

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