Telangana Doctors in US to support cardiovascular care

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Doctors from Telangana settled in the US have decided to equip 108 ambulances in the State with Automated External Defibrillators (AED). The portable device checks heart rhythm and sends electric shock to restore a normal rhythm.

AED is used to treat sudden cardiac arrests. Each of the equipment costs $ 2,000. The project was mooted by Telangana Osmania, Gandhi and Kakatiya Medical Alumni Association (TOGKMAA). According to doctors, mean age of sudden cardiac arrest victims in India is 60 years. This is lower than the United States and Europe where 75 years is the mean age. Cardiovascular diseases claim lives of 92 lakh Indians every year. This figure is expected to reach 1.8 crore by 2030, Suresh Reddy, president of TOGKMAA, said in a release issued on Saturday. If each of the members of the association adopts their own villages back home, healthcare in India would improve, he opined. There are 10,000 Telugu doctors settled in the US.

“We want our alumni who have earned national and international recognition in various fields to facilitate excellent healthcare. The alumni association has also decided to facilitate teaching and research,” Mr. Reddy said. During the alumni association’s meet, Jagan Ailinani was presented the outstanding alumnus award. The award function was held at Chicago on September 24.

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