Why do women in Hyd have to sit in the ‘family section’? By Aditi Mallick

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On Thursday night, when I was too lazy to cook at home, my friend and I decided to eat biryani in a restaurant. We went to Bahar Biryani Café to satisfy our craving for this ever popular dish.

Since both of us had a cold, we chose seats away from the fan as we didn’t fancy sneezing all through our meal. But immediately, a waiter told us to sit in the “family section”.

I peeped in and discovered that the family section was air-conditioned. “Bhaiya, we don’t want to sit inside the AC room, we will sit here,” I said. But the waiter wouldn’t relent. He insisted that we sit in the family section, even offering to switch off the AC.

I looked around for a ‘no women allowed board’ in the general section and couldn’t find one. As we were hungry and in no mood to argue, we went inside the freezing AC room for dinner.

Though the biryani was excellent, my mind wouldn’t stop wondering why I was not allowed to sit in the general section.

Later, out of curiosity, I asked the owner of the restaurant Shrikant, why they have such rules in place.

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