Bezawada Rural Urbanization At It’s Peaks

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As the city space in the limits of the Municipal Corporation is almost full, the outskirts are growing gradually into suburbs of late. Although the idea of merging all the villages adjacent to the city to form a greater municipal corporation has never materialized, the skylines of areas like Prasadampadu, Muralinagar, Nunna, Ramavarapadu and Tadigadapa are being dotted with hundreds of apartments.

Indicating rapid urbanization, the fields in these villages are now turning into launchpads for apartments and real estate ventures by realtors keen on meeting the current demand.

Realtors even entered the interior areas and fields of Prasadampadu by voluntarily laying concrete roads connecting various apartment plots.

Due to increasing ventures and apartments, the agricultural land surrounded by Prasadampadu, Kanuru, Enikepadu, Currency Nagar and other areas is shrinking. Also, realtors market themselves by showcasing the 100-feet Tadigadapa-Enikepadu road as an advantage.

Apart from these areas, the completion of the Inner Ring Road has given rise to a new housing destination on the outskirts of the city. Nunna village, which was nearly 10 km from the Benz Circle, is now growing into a hotspot for apartments. According to local builders, hundreds of apartments are coming up in the area as well as on the land either side of the IRR starting from Ramavarappadu to Kandrika from where Nunna village is about 4 km away.

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