Demonetization: Sadananda Gowda faces trouble retrieving brother’s body from hospital

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The woes of demonetization hit Union Minister DV Sadananda Gowda after the death of his brother Bhaskar Gowda on Tuesday.

Bhaskar Gowda died of jaundice on Tuesday at a private hospital in Mangaluru.

However, while settling the bill for the illness, the hospital refused to take demonetized notes.

When asked if he could pay by cheque, the hospital disagreed, media reports stated.

Later, Gowda reported got a written document signed by hospital authorities, stating that they would not accept demonetised notes. The hospital then agreed to accept the payment by cheque and release Bhaska Gowda’s body.

Bhaskar was admitted to the hospital in Mangaluru 10 days ago and was diagnosed with jaundice. He died after he failed to respond to the treatment.

Gowda has reported said that he will seek appropriate action against the hospital.

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