How to get super shiny legs like a celeb

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The changing weather can be harsh on your skin making your skin look dull, dry, flaky and tired! And with the party season right around the corner, your legs are deemed to get attention in all those pretty dresses you have been saving up for!

Not everyone one has perfect legs, even actresses have scar and patches on their legs, but with simple body makeup and skin care tricks, you can achieve shiny legs like a Bollywood celebrity. Let’s spill the secrets! Shall we?


1. Wax or Shave : 

Needless to say getting shiny legs is a bit hard to achieve, if you have fuzzies and small hair popping up! Make sure you wax, shave or use hair removal cream to get rid of any hair on your legs so you have a smooth hairless pallet to work on.

2. Exfoliate using Coffee: 

Start with exfoliating in the shower, to get rid of any dead skin. Try a coffee scrub and exfoliate it onto your legs. Exfoliating with coffee grounds improves circulation, leaving you with smooth glowing skin! The Caffeine from the coffee grounds can temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite.

3. Body Oil: 

Skip the creams and go for body oils as they are heavier and give a shinier appearance on your skin. Try using oils rich in Vitamin-E, it helps give your skin a healthy glow and helps reduce stretch marks or scars, if any!

2. Bronzer :

For an instant glow use a body bronzer, mix it with your lotion and evenly apply it all over your legs. Give your bronzer some time to sink in for silky smooth legs!

3. Shea butter :

Skip the moisturizers and go for a Shea Butter instead, it is heavier in texture, deeply moisturizes your legs and gives them a shinier appearance.

4. Airbrush your legs:

Try an airbrush legs spray, it is an easy blend liquid body makeup. The lightweight formula hides imperfections & won’t rub off on clothes. The spray or lotion is available in different shades. Try picking a shade darker than your skin tone to make your legs look more toned and shinier!

5. Foundation

Stays fresh and natural looking all day, covers freckles, veins, and imperfections using your foundation! Mix your foundation with moisturizer and evenly apply it all over your legs!


Voila! Here are tips for shiny legs! Have a great party season!

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