KCR to move into swanky new bungalow

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KCR is known to enjoy his Z+ security status when he travels, whether it is his many bullet-proof Toyota Land Cruiser Prados, or his luxury bus worth Rs 5 crore, manufactured by Mercedes Benz.

However, nothing beats his latest palatial residence in Begumpet in Hyderabad, which is reported to be guarded like a fortress with 50 personnel, bullet-proofed bathrooms, windows and ventilators worth several lakh rupees.

Reporting that these measures were based on recommendations of state intelligence officials, the Times of India added that those hoping to step inside, will need to surrender their phones, watches and other metal objects, before being thoroughly frisked.

The bungalow, also boasts of one lakh square feet of office space.

The Hindu reported that the entire compound was spread out over an area of 8.9 acres, and built at an estimated cost of Rs. 33 crore, with a large space that can be used to park up to 200 cars.

Even as critics question the necessity of his latest move, other reports suggest that the chief minister plans to visit Tirumala before the end of this month to present the idol of Lord Venkateswara Swamy with two necklaces, besides a nose stud to goddess Padmavathi Ammavaru at Tiruchanuru, and another one for the Kanakadurga temple in Vijayawada.

This was part of his promise to make offerings to the gods if Telangana’s statehood was granted.

All of this is reported to be sanctioned by the state exchequer in the form of Government Orders.

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