OC Tanner to set up software development center in Hyd

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Employee rewards and recognition firm OC Tanner will be setting up its software development center in Hyderabad. Niel Nickolaisen, chief technology officer, OC Tanner, told ET that he was currently in India to scout for office locations and start recruiting for the center, which would be functional in early 2017.

“The Hyderabad center would have about 20-25 engineers who would work alongside our global team of engineers,” said Nickolaisen.

The company currently has a software development team 180 engineers globally. The company creates employee recognition and reward solutions, and once the Hyderabad center is set up, some of the work on the global tools would happen from there. Nickolaisen declined to share specific investment figures, saying that the India investment would be ‘several million dollars’.

The US headquartered company set up operations in Mumbai two years ago, and plans to expand the local sales team as well. In addition to working with the local offices of its global clients like Dow Chemicals, OC Tanner is also working with some Indian firms on their employee rewards programs.

“Around the world, as the economy modernizes and matures, companies realise that they need to do something to attract and retain talent. India is at the early stages of this process,” said Nickolaisen. The company uses advanced analytics, machine learning and predictive analytic tools to capture data and create solutions depending on the needs of different businesses.

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