Shraddha Kapoor in different shades of Lipstick

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1. Tangerine

It isn’t easy to carry off orange lipstick, but Shraddha does it with aplomb. Her bright pout provides an interesting contrast to her edgy, rockstar look.

2. Hot Pink


What a #bossbabe! The actress’ dewy skin is the perfect canvas for her hot pink lipstick. Take a cue from her and add a swipe of this shade to liven up your office outfits.

3. Deep Red


Glamour, grunge, goth… this look has got it all. Shraddha’s garnet lip is super fierce and attention-grabbing.

4. Nude


As if the sheer detailing weren’t enough, Shraddha added a nude lipstick to amp up her sexy look. The smudged liner goes well with the sultry vibe that she’s giving off.

5. Pale Pink


The pastel tones of this lipstick remind us of bubblegum and candy floss. However, Shraddha has kept things sophisticated by pairing this hue with a formal gown and bold brows.

6. Peach


With her low ponytail and neat cat eye, Shraddha looks like the cute girl-next-door. The glossy swipe of peach on her lips compliments her rosy complexion beautifully.

7. Ombré


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