Suryapet: TRS Leader Abusing Youth

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A video of a man purported to be a leader of the TRS  in Suryapet district allegedly “abusing and kicking” two young men has gone viral on Facebook.
The man identified as Eduluri Santosh, who runs a private job consultancy, allegedly promises jobs after collecting money.
The video shows two persons sitting on the ground pleading before Santosh, who is sitting on a chair, asking him to return the cash they had given him.
During the conversation, the man abuses the two men, and demands to know why they hadn’t collected the money earlier.
In a fit of anger, he then stands up and kicks one of the men in the stomach, as the other tries to plead with him.
The video concludes with the man allegedly asking someone in his office to bring him a revolver.
Hussain and Akhil, residents of Suryapet, lodged a complaint against Santosh on Sunday.
The Suryapet Police is currently verifying the reports and investigation is going on.
“We have not arrested him yet as the case is still in the verification stage. We are verifying the identity of the man in the video. We can’t confirm his identity now,” said Y Mogalaiah, Inspector of Suryapet Police Station.
“We just got information that the accused took money from the two youths promising to provide them jobs. But when the youths arrived the office to ask about the job, the accused started beating and abusing them. Though all these allegations are yet to be confirmed,” he added.
TRS leader and state IT minister KT Rama Rao however tweeted saying that the man was not a member of their party.


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