T-Hub invites applications for fresh batch of start-ups

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T-Hub has invited applications for a fresh batch of start-ups to join its catalyst building at Gachibowli. The state govt-backed incubator is looking to attract about 60-75 start-ups, working in the agritech, health tech, fintech, social, sustainability, smart cities, transportation transportation & logistics verticals at the facility. Post the inauguration of the catalyst building at Gachibowli in 2015, a first come-first-serve basis model was used to fill vacant seats, this year, the technology incubator has come up with a selection process to determine which start-ups will work within the building.

“The catalyst building is for curated start-ups, and we have created an intelligent diligence system that focuses on technology, non-linear growth, ability to scale and the simplicity of the product,” said Jay Krishnan, CEO of T-Hub.
Budding tech entrepreneurs in the city are mulling over whether or not to apply to be incubated at the facility. “T-Hub has announced that all its programs will be available to those working outside the catalyst building as well. If this is true, then it makes no sense to pump in a lot of cash for a swank office space in the catalyst building as we are still a cash-strapped early-stage fintech start-up,” said an entrepreneur.
According to insiders, 23 start-ups working within the catalyst building at THub have collectively raised close to $3 million since their incubation into the facility. The total funding raised by start-ups in the city, however, quickly dwarfs this figure. Tracxn, a start-up intelligence and market research platform, shows that the total funding received by tech start-ups in Hyderabad so far, stands at $22.7 million.
Interested start-ups must send in their applications to T-Hub before December 15.

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