Tabu Turns 45

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“Hits and flops will make no difference to Tabu’s career. She is a class apart and will always be the first choice for strong roles of characters her age. She is beautiful in a unique way. She doesn’t look like a manufactured product and she is a versatile actor,” Shabana said.

She added: “People think of Tabu as a dramatic actor, but she also has a keen comic timing and a terrific mimic like her mother. More power to her on her birthday.”

A director who has worked with Tabu and cares deeply for her career, said “she has made brave choices as an actress, but these choices have one after another shut the door on her career as a leading lady”.

Writer-editor-director Apurva Asrani is dazzled by Tabu’s rare appearances on screen.

“I was so relieved to see Tabu in ‘Haider’. She was given one opportunity after ages, and she simply stole the show. It is rare to find writer/directors who create strong female characters,” Asrani said.

He added: “Our industry is known for being sexist since decades. Heroines’ careers used to end when they were 30 and the men played heroes till 55 at least. Clearly, this has been no country for women.

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