Tarakarama and VenkataRamana theaters overcharge customers for food

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A social activist in Hyderabad recently filed a complaint against two movie theatres, Tarakarama Theatre and Venkataramana Theatre at Kachiguda in Hyderabad for selling food products above Maximum Retail Price (MRP).

“When people go for movies, one thing they come across is high rates of food products in theatres,” says Vijay Gopal.

“We never question the theatre management for such acts they commit as it is just Rs 10 or Rs 15. But when it is done to at least 800 people a day on an average, it leads to a huge amount,” Vijay explains.

Vijay alleges that both the theatre managements were overcharging customers on products like soft drinks, depending upon the show timings and crowd availability.

“On November 6, I went to watch a movie in Venkataramana Theatre. The theatre was charging Rs 5-10 extra on snacks and soft drinks without any receipt for such charges,” he says.

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