Tax Money Used For ‘Grand Welcome’ Of CM

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The Telangana government has released Rs.10.68 lakh from Youth Advancement, Tourism & Culture (CA) Department on Saturday, for the amount spent on grand welcome of state Chief Minister, K Chandrasekhar Rao on August 24.

On August 24, Chief Minister returned to the city from Mumbai, after signing MoUs with the Maharashtra government on construction of five barrages across River Godavari and its tributaries, to end the inter-state water dispute.

It was reported by Times of India that the government order issued said that the amount was sanctioned for the “cultural programmes of different folk art forms with 2,000 artists of Telangana State arranged on 24th August, 2016 at Begumpet Airport”  to meet the costs incurred for the “grand welcome to Hon’ble Chief Minister of Telangana.”

The GO also said that the Rs.10.68 lakh would be spent from the fund kept for “Promotion of Arts and Culture,” and “Cultural Celebrations and Government Music Colleges,” including “other expenditures” under the ‘Art and Culture’ head of the state budget.

During the grand welcome, state government and the GHMC had put up hoardings on both sides of the Begumpet stretch of road to welcome CM’s return. KCR rode on his special bus along with his cabinet ministers to his camp office-cum-residence in Greenlands, after addressing a large gathering at the airport.

More than 2,000 artistes were reported to be part of the show.

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