Coin-operated eToilets to debut in Hyderabad from next month

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Sanitation in the city is about to get a technological boost. Greater Hyderabad is going to be dotted with over a dozen public e-toilets (Electronic Public Toilet) with biodigesters by Janaury 2017. They are innovatively designed for towns and cities.

The proposed model has sleek and appealing aesthetics and mild built. Moreover, e-Toilets are portable, hygienic and eco-friendly. They have easy to maintain components and accessories, besides durable and its vandalism resistant enclosure is expected to address public sanitation. Installation of one eToilet comes to around `7.30 lakh for women and `6.35 lakh for men. Similar eToilets have been installed in Chennai and Bengaluru. These e-Toilets are being constructed under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and few corporates have come forward to extend support to GHMC in setting up e-Toilets at busy public places. GHMC Commissioner B Janardhan Reddy held a meeting with representatives of State Bank of Hyderabad and Indian Oil Corporation Limited at GHMC head office on Thursday.
For sustainable sanitation:

The eToilet incorporates sustainable sanitation by integrating electronics, mechanical, web-mobile technologies thereby controlling entry, usage, cleaning, exit, and remote monitoring capabilities with multiple revenue options.

GHMC officials said that eToilets are easy to install, consumes less water, are power efficient and provide enhanced cleanliness through auto flushes. They also have features such as floor washing, unmanned operations, coin-operated entry and free access, on site waste treatment using anaerobic biodegradation and no regular manual maintenance is required. The insertion of a coin opens the door of the eToilet for the user, switches on a light-thus saving energy-and even directs the person with audio commands. The toilets are programmed to flush 1.5 litres of water after three minutes of usage or 4.5 litres if usage is longer. It can also be programmed to clean the platform with a complete wash down after every 5 or 10 persons use the toilet.

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