Andhra CM offers 100 Crores for any Andhra scientist who gets a Nobel

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Scientists from Andhra Pradesh who win a Nobel Prize will now get a reward of Rs 100 crore, the state’s Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu announced on Wednesday.

Naidu was speaking at the National Children’s Science Congress which was held at the Sri Padmavathi Women’s University in Tirupati.

Speaking at the event, Naidu also advised children to enjoy the work they do and underlined the need for hard work to achieve their goals.

Naidu’s offer is roughly 16 times more than the reward money of the Nobel Prize itself, which stands close to Rs 6 crore or Or 8 million Swedish kronor (SEK).

Naidu was quoted as saying, “India has not been able to produce many Nobel Prize-winning scientists despite having abundant talent. Those who had won the prize had settled in other countries. There is a lot of potential among the youngsters here and I am sure, if they are encouraged, Nobel laureates would emerge from them…India needs young and innovative scientists, who are brimming with ideas. Come up with new ideas, which might pave way for major scientific breakthroughs in future.”

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