Unrest in Amaravati villages continues with farmers protests

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Unrest among the multi-crop irrigated land owners of capital city is only growing up by each day as the authorities classified the most fertile lands as dry lands. Taking strong objection to the reclassification of their lands, the farmers of Penumaka staged a dharna near Capital Region Development Authority (CRDA) office in Penumaka on Wednesday.

The farmers warned that the state government would have to face serious consequences if it continues to employs such dirty tricks with the farmers. “Entire world knows that lands in Penumaka are most fertilise and cultivable 365 days a year. How could the authorities declare our fields as dry lands,” criticized farmers leader Guntaka Naresh Reddy.

The angry farmers conducted innovative protest of showing vegetable varieties cultivated in their Jareebu lands and distributed those vegetables to the public on Wednesday. The farmers showed 130 varieties of during the protest produced in the Jareebu lands which attracted the public in large numbers.

Naresh Reddy said that there is no need of collecting lands of Penumaka and Undavalli villages as the Amaravati government core capital has been proposed at Uddandrayunipalem, Lingayapalem and Rayapudi. He alleged that no Amaravati linked project has been proposed in their villages but the government is trying to snatch their lands to give them to the private and corporate companies on lease by destroying their livelihood. He alleged that CRDA officials appointed a private agency of Hyderabad.

The agency conducted Social Impact Assessment Survey without making a field visit and registered their lands as dry lands. Reddy challenged the agency to visit the village and prove they are dry lands.

Protesting farmers submitted memorandum of their demands to CRDA competent authority deputy collector, Radha Krishnaiah.


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