YS Jagan tours capital city villages

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Leader of Opposition and YSRC chief YS Jaganmohan Reddy lashed out at TDP Government in the state for the injustice being done to the farmers of the capital region in the name of development.

Addressing roadside gatherings during his tour of capital region villages on Thursday, he said that his party is not against the development, but will not remain a spectator, when the lands from the farmers are being snatched in an unjustified manner.

“Farmers are not happy with the attitude of the state government. In the name of road infrastructure, lands and houses are being taken away in a forceful manner,” he said and demanded the government to restrain from such measures.

Pointing out at 300 plus houses that will be lost and 25 acres of the land taken away from the farmers for seed access roads for the capital city. “Farmers are being offered just Rs 30 lakh per acre, when each of those acres cost Rs 15 lakh as per present market value. Taken those lands, but pay the market value,” he said.

The Leader of the opposition said it is small and marginal farmers who own few cents, who are set to suffer the most and they have no alternative livelihood.  He said his party will continue to champion the cause of the capital city farmers and bring pressure on the government to ensure justice to the farmers.

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