‘Corruption rampant in TS government’

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Founder member of Swaraj India party Prashant Bhushan has charged the Telangana government with rampant corruption and said that worse things were taking place in the State than at the Centre.

Addressing a meeting here on Sunday, Mr. Bhushan said there was complete disregard for good governance in the State, going by corruption and farmers plight. It was unfortunate that the TRS as an offshoot of Telangana movement let down the people of the State.

The TRS in the State and BJP led NDA government at the Centre got away with their wrong doings because they had no credible Opposition. There was bankruptcy in Opposition.

Political alternative

Calling for creation of a credible political alternative in the State, he said the Aam Aadmi Party had emerged for the same cause but adopted all vices of other opposition parties. If parties became discredited, people had no choice.

Telangana Joint Action Committee chairman M. Kodandaram said power was used for the benefit of a small few in Telangana government. It was an autocratic rule that was indiscriminately used against people.

He added that the shifting of ‘dharna chowk’ from Indira Park was a big setback as the voice of dissent will not reach policy makers.

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