Congress workers want Uttam Reddy to lead 2019 elections

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An expertise in diplomacy is the need of the day to be Telangana CM.

Congress party usually won’t announce the Chief Ministerial candidate before Assembly polls.  None of them will have all the qualities needed to be the top most leader. The closest is the best.

This approach had served the party well, since it stops any disgruntled member of the party or leaders from deserting the party for other greener pastures.

Even when a strong leader like the late Y.S. Rajasekhar Reddy was at the helm of state party affairs, the Congress did not announce him the CM candidate. He was made the CM twice only after the results were declared.

The Congress leaders say that the party at present faces a peculiar problem in Telangana since it is pitted against regional and sub-regional party bosses.

If the contest is between two national parties, the situation may be different but when Congress has to fight regional parties, the election turns into a fight between the individuals heading the parties

Many of the Telangana  Congress leaders want Captain Uttam Reddy to take the lead.  Uttam has NO or ZERO corruption allegations like many other leaders in congress who are indeed in CM race.

There are very few leaders in Indian politics who fought for the nation and came back to help people via politics.


It is estimated that at least `500 crore is required to face Assembly polls in the state, if a party hopes to do well. Even assuming the candidates will pitch in to some extent, the party will still have to have huge funds at the disposal of its leader.

Leaders like Uttam Reddy may not be helpful in such cases but hard work pays off and it’s good for the society to have leaders like Uttam leading the party.



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