KomatiReddy Brothers to ditch Congress and move to BJP

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4 Time MLA Komatireddy Venkat Reddy and his younger brother MLC Rajgopal reddy are getting ready to join BJP as per confidential sources. There are number of reasons for an elected official to switch parties. One is being the ethical obligation when the candidate has views that are no longer aligned with current party and the second one is to gain power , money and influences.

One can easily guess the motive behind Komatireddy brothers intention to move to BJP. Sushee Consutructions/builders etc and Sushee Media is their main business and they have been expanding their business beyond reach using their political influences. Now they wanted PCC President position which congress high command denied and do not want to encourage corrupt politicians. On the other hand Amit Shah is trying to expand BJP in Telangana state and he wanted to do it by encouraging defections.  BJP vote share might go up a bit but definitely not up to his expectations.

Coming to brothers career in politics-it’s suicidal decision for them.


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