KTR revealed KCR treats his party workers as daily labors in farm

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IT minister K.Tarakarama Rao uploaded images of his father KCR doing agricultural activities at his Erravalli farm and called him an ‘influencing leader’.

The tweet appeared to be aimed at refuting Congress state general secretary Dasoju Sravan’s criticism of the CM being selected for the Agriculture Leadership Award.

“Leadership is not about titles or positions. It is one life influencing another. Hon’ble CM in his elements at his farm,’ Mr Taraka Rama Rao said in the tweet referring to accompanying picture.

However, one of these photographs also shows Sravan, who had quit the TRS and joined the  Congress in 2014

Reacting to Mr Taraka Rama Rao posting old photographs, Mr Sravan tweeted: “After a thorough introspection and deep reflection, I realised that the present TRS government is a “fraudulent clique” headed by its supremo, continuously cheating his own trusted followers and people in general. Therefore, I myself distanced away. Any picture or video or any images of the then social gathering that are being shown by disgruntled and fraudulent present TRS group is only to distort and deter people’s attention from their misdeeds.”

Referring to the photograph, he added, ‘I am glad that you preserve the memories of my association with KCR. But you seem to have conveniently forgotten my contribution to strengthening KCR and the Telangana movement. In any case, I am not too sure if you have preserved the memories of KCR’s association with Congress as Youth Congress leader and his association with NTR’s TD and later his vital role in backstabbing NTR and associating with Chan-drababu Naidu’s TDP’.

“Have you preserved the memories of KCR’s saying that even God can’t help Chandrab-abu Naidu in Vote4Note scam and his subsequent Chapala Pulusu and Royyala Vepudu lunch meeting with Naidu in Amravati? If you don’t have these videos and photographs, I will send you across for your knowledge.”

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