Political Defections: It’s voters fault not the leaders

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Defection politics in India started after Fourth General Elections held in 1967 and thereafter it continued to draw serious attention of the people. Prior to this there were also political defections when persons like Dr. Raghu Vira, Ashok Mehta and T. Prakasham left their parties. But at that time problem was not really serious because such instances were few and far between.

Recent times, defections are very common. Even ‘Nippu’ leaders like KCR and Naidu are encouraging them. In reality it’s peoples problem not the leaders. A leader is spending 3-4 crores on an average in elections. Spending meaning giving money to voters. If his/her party loses , how do you expect them to make money at least what they invested in elections.  Moving to the ruling party and making some money there is the only solution for them.

‘NIPPU’ leaders are generous enough to accommodate them in their party and helping them to make money.  People who complain are jealous.

Naidu and KCR should think about some solution for the leaders who lost in the elections by providing some insurance or giving few contracts.

God Bless India!!

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