Telugu Media- hallmark of Yellow Journalism

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The conception of Media Ethics and Professional Journalism is at stake in Telugu States. There are almost 30 channels in these 2 states. Media is supposed to be a watchdog that attempts to find  facts behind scams etc. But if they themselves are biased will lead to dangerous ramifications.  Forget about Investigative Journalism except some cheap sting operations performed by ‘Pervert’ ABN RadhaKrishna to increase TRP Ratings.

Why so many Channels and who is watching them? Many ‘Smart?’ people made money in real estate- boom. They need celebrity status after making money and they eyed on Media (e.g. Suryaa,TV5, NTV). Few channels are being run by politicians themselves to voice out their party manifesto (e.g. Sakshi, T-News, V6, Raj,) and few are run by ‘Binamis’ (e.g.ABN). Racial Biased journalism initiated by ETV and TV9.

Very few of the journalists working in these channels have journalist degrees. Telugu Media- hallmark of Yellow Journalism. Capitalistic Media Model funded by advertising has lead to this. Media is another corrupted sector in India which should be addressed immediately.

In reality, it is good to have so many channels but interpretation of one news in different ways is confusing a common man. Freelance journalism is a good choice to represent ones own views. To conclude, it is very difficult for a common man to judge good and bad unless the government imposes certain rules (Approved by all Parties) on this corporate style news journalism. Press Academy of Andhra and Press Council of India should give immediate attention to this before we see another state of Emergency.

Recent example, yellow media created a rumor that Jagan is going to merge his party in BJP during Nandyal bi-elections. Fact is TDP used media to divert muslim votes from YSRCP. Not sure how successful they are but it’s unethical and part of political game but unfortunately media is playing it.

Today Venkayya Naidu reassured that, BJP will stick with TDP after Nandyal elections.

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