Part time politician PK questions Babu

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Pawan Kalyan on Saturday questioned the ruling TDP government in Andhra Pradesh, about the delay in meeting its commitments made to the Kapu community.

The Jana Sena party chief was interacting with a social media team called ‘Shatagni’, as part of a series of interviews, where he elaborated on his opinions and political stands on various issues.

The Deccan Chronicle quoted Pawan alleging that the TDP had not drafted any plan or given any clear reason for delays, after they had made several promises to the Kapu community.

Saying that the issue should be dealt with sensitively. Pawan also said that the government should have allowed Kapu leader Mudragada Padmanabham to complete his ‘Chalo Amaravati’ padayatra.

“Stopping him and forbidding him to walk further violated fundamental and democratic rights of an individual,” DC quoted Pawan as saying.

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