Telangana should celebrate Sept17th says Prof.Kodandaram

Source: Indian Express

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T-JAC chairman M Kodandaram said a significant event in Hyderabad’s history – September 17 – was forgotten.

“September 17, 1948, was the day when the Hyderabad state, which was under the Nizam’s rule, was integrated into the Indian Union. That has lot of significance…Nizam rule came to an end and it became part of republic,” he said.

“Some people call that we were liberated that day while the others say we began to suffer after September 17. But, after the Telangana agitation (separate statehood movement) arose, there emerged a consensus that September 17 was an Integration Day,” Kodandaram explained.

He said, “Let us atleast recognise the historical fact that it got integrated into the Indian Union and atleast it allows us to take note of the local history and have a discussion about the specificity of the region.”

“There was a consensus that let the Integration Day be celebrated. Let us not call it as a Liberation Day or let us not even call it as some kind of a Betrayal Day…but let us at least recognise this as a Integration Day,” he suggested.

He said the Telangana government should celebrate the day as Integration Day and urged the government to convene an all party meet and hold discussions on the issue.

“Through negotiations we should try to resolve it rather than entering into confrontation. It is always better to have a dialogue and evolve a consensus,” he said.

BJP Telangana chief K Laxman recently said the party’s national president Amit Shah would address a public meeting in Warangal district of the state on September 17 as part of the ‘Hyderabad Liberation Day’ being celebrated by the state unit.

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