Twitter tigers asking AR Rahman to leave India for commenting on Gauri Lankesh murder

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Rahman was attending the premiere of his film One Heart: The AR Rahman Concert Film on Thursday in Mumbai, when he was asked to comment on Gauri’s murder in Karnataka. His immediate response was, “I am so, so sad about that. I hope these things don’t happen in India. If these things happen in India, then it is not my India. I want my India to be progressive and kind.”

This statement has landed him in trouble online, as trolls have gone on overdrive to criticise the music director. Many have even told him to relocate to Pakistan.


If any one not feeling good here, don’t like India can go to Pakistan or syria


I am so sad about it. Hope these kind of things don’t happen in India. I want India to be progressive & kind: AR Rahman on

जिहादी, कभी नही सुधार सकते।


Now AR Rahman will be next target for the hatred filled bhakths

Can’t believe, AR Rahman is supporting the anti nationals! Had so much respect for him.


During a recent Terror Attack in Europe he gave an evasive reply ..but suddenly found energy now


Others warned Rahman not to comment on matters not pertaining to his music.

I am so sad about it. Hope these kind of things don’t happen in India. I want India to be progressive & kind: AR Rahman on

hey Mr A.R.Rehman you a good singer and musician the best gift u have got from god please be on it only ye political line me mat joa


But some took to playing the religion card.


India is already very kind and progressive. That’s why adopted everyone. No need of your words

However, the two-time Oscar Award winner was not forced to fight alone. Angry fans hit back at trolls for questioning Rahman’s right to comment on the matter.

He do hav Spain citizenship not even Indian but want to teach us right n wrong. Mr Rehman wherever u r today is due to India only..shame

There are people like A.R. Rahman who makes
India proud, and then there are blind, backward-thinking bhakts, like you.


Where’s shame in condemning killing (whoever it is) and hoping for a progressive kind country Ma’am? 


Yes he is because of india. Wen somethin is not gng ryt. He has every ryt to say so. Jus lyk u hve d ryt to speak ur mind. Hes an indian too


@arrahman It is tragic! & dangerous!  has exposed yet again dark side of our nation. I’m sure killers will be caught soon


He’s one among the very few who makes india and indians proud. And you want him out of the country.



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