Arrogant KCR calls Kodandaram ‘MENTAL’ “BRAINLESS’ and ‘SHAMELESS’

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KCR on Friday lashed out against Telangana Joint Action Committee (TJAC) Chairman Kodandaram, stating that he was ‘brainless’.

KCR was answering questions at a press meet organised to discuss the upcoming Singareni Collieries labour union elections.

When asked a question about Kodandaram, who was once his ally, KCR said, “Who is he? What position does he hold? Does he have a brain? I don’t answer irrational comments.”

Kodandaram had earlier appealed that the coal workers defeat the TRS-backed Telangana Boggu Gani Karimukula Sangham (TBGKS) in the union elections.

“Can we expect anyone to oppose the government scheme of providing Rs 8,000 subsidy per acre per year to each and every farmer? That man (Kodandaram) opposes even this,” KCR was quoted as saying.

“Have they gone mental? Why they are making such noise when I am trying to uplift farmers. These people (Congress and TDP) leaders do not want any good to be done to people and they are trying to stall everything,” the Chief Minister added.

Kodandaram, played an active role in the Telangana struggle for separate statehood as head of the TJAC, and was one of Chief Minister’s biggest supporters. Today, he is considered one of KCR’s most vocal critics.

KCR also hit out against Kodandram’s planned protest to be held on October 3, against the state government’s introduction of G.O 39.

Calling him ‘mental’ ‘shameless’ and ‘intolerant’, KCR said that the protest led by TJAC along with opposition parties including Congress, BJP and TDP was ‘cheap politics’.

G.O 39 seeks to form Rythu Samanvaya Samithi (Farmer’s Coordination Committee) across the state. TJAC and Opposition parties call the formation of these committees undemocratic, as they would undermine the local bodies like village panchayat system. They allege that these committees will only comprise party workers of the TRS, as they are nominated posts.


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