KCR govt is no better than Andhra govt says Kodandaram

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TJAC chairman Professor M Kodandaram lashed out at the TRS government on Thursday and said that it was suppressing dissent.

Speaking to media persons, Kodandaram said, “This government has targeted people of the state and me for fighting for the people of the state…This government is no different from the Andhra government it fought during separate Telangana movement. This government is giving same reasons such as law and order restrained it to accord permission for meetings and rallies.”

He also said that his rights of freedom of speech and expression, conferred by the Constitution under Article 19, cannot be taken away by any government.

Kodandaram was in Warangal as part of his preparations for his upcoming public meeting to be held in Hyderabad on October 31.

The TJAC has planned to have a huge gathering in Hyderabad on October 31 titled ‘Koluvulakai Kotlaata’ (fight for jobs), to discuss unemployment, which is a major crisis in the state.

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