TDP being run by Capitalists

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If Naidu has any basic political ethics, he won’t run 2019 elections with KCR in Telangana. Naidu was caught red handed in Hyderabad and was kicked out by KCR. A video which shows the rivalry between those. There is saying that Capitalism will eat democracy if nobody speaks. A rumor in political circles is that Naidu has lost control over his party and Capitalists like Ramoji and caste fanatics running TDP for their personal benefits in and out Hyderabad. Revanth Reddy openly accused Andhra ministers getting contracts from KCR. Capitalism and Democracy are no more two separate systems. It has always cost money for a person to run for political office. The candidate could draw from savings and raise more money from family and friends. Sometimes the candidate might attract the attention of a rich person who backs the candidate financially. Today’s candidates find it much more expensive than ever to run for political office. RIP democracy in Andhra.



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