Caste of ruling party leader becoming caste of Telugu states

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It is very unfortunate but a true statement.  Telugus are mixed up with old and new thoughts. Can a common man become a leader in Telugu states without spending money and not displaying his caste or religion? India is multi religious, multi cultural, multi racial and multi caste country. No state can prosper in India if majority or at least 1/4 of the people in the state feel suppressed.  Caste factor holds key in Andhra Pradesh where as, it is bit less in Telangana.  Be it elections, movies, business etc- each and every sector in Andhra is caste based.

Majority people in these regions feel suppressed.  Social articulation in Telangana and coastal Andhra has assumed contrasting trajectories during the last couple of decades especially post NTR era. Telangana is witnessing class movements and coastal Andhra caste mobilization especially with TDP coming into power, which made a substantial difference to the rural neo-rich in general.

Developed region such as Andhra witnessing movements based on pre-modern social markers of caste, whilst in ‘backward’ Telangana they are based on agrarian class mobilization, which is contrary to the predictions.

Coming to religions in these 2 regions-We should be eternally grateful to Jawaharlal Nehru for standing firm and getting the relevant enactments passed on Hindu Code-Law. It is, however, unfortunate that Nehru did not show similar courage in initiating enactment of a uniform civil code. If reforms in Muslim personal law had been pursued, the social and religious ethos of the country would have undergone significant changes by now. Having lost the golden opportunity at that time, it will be impossible to enact a uniform civil code now, irrespective of the exhortations of the Supreme Court, unless there is a strong reformist and liberal move from within the Muslim community. In a secular state, religion is expected to be a purely personal and private matter and is not supposed to have anything to do with the governance.

Is India really secular and democratic country? Not secular as long as politics and religion go hand in hand. Not democratic as long as money and caste are playing key role to elect a leader.

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