PCC President Uttam to chat with NRIs

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The people of Telangana living across the world have a mix of characteristics: some are foreign citizens, while others are NRIs who are mostly H1bs in America and Gulf construction workers. Some have nominal relationship with India, their ancestors having left Indian shores generations back, while others belong to the pool of a mobile population having active stay and ties in India. Majority of NRIs living abroad find new roots in adopted lands, raise families, work and pay taxes and enjoy the facilities and privileges as much as locals do.


But there is something that makes them yearn for India! They may continue to live offshore, yet their heart lies in India. In other words, you cannot take India out of their hearts. Aligning with a charitable work is one of the common things NRIs do to give back to India. Increasingly, political participation has also become a tool for many to contribute to their motherland even while sitting afar.

Over the years, the political parties of India have also reached out to the Indians settled abroad. This has culminated in Indian parties having their foreign extensions like INOC Indian National Overseas Congress for Congress Party.

Indian National Overseas Congress- Telangana Chapter team arranged a conference call with Telangana PCC President Uttam Kumar Reddy.

He will answer questions related to prospects for better telangana, congress party and its plans in the next election and how NRIs can contribute to the development of state.

INOC convener Roy Manthena is coordinating the event.

Date of the event #18Nov2017

Conference Call#

Access Code-578610





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