Surplus power in Telangana because of Congress

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Uttam Kumar Reddy said it was due to the vision of UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi and the then Prime Minister Dr. Manmonhan Singh that except for six States and one union territory, today the entire country is energy surplus while addressing a meeting in Huzurnagar. He said every unit of power being generated in Telangana today was due to the projects launched during previous Congress regime. He said that the TRS Government did not generate a single unit from the power projects that it proposed and most of them have remained non-starters.

He said KCR has become habitual of taking credit for achievements of previous Congress regime. Citing another instance, he said Hyderabad Metro Rail Project was approved, designed and started during the Congress regime. There was nothing left for the TRS Government to do with this project. Therefore, it created obstacles and delayed the project by over two years. Now the same project is being inaugurated by Prime Minister Narender Modi on November 28. KCR will again make false claims to show as if he conceptualized the Hyderabad Metro Rail project.

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