Uttam Reddy assured NRIs that TCong will never let them down!

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TPCC President Uttam Kumar Reddy  spoke to  NRIs on Saturday via global conferencing on the role of NRIs in the current political scenario. He explained PCC activities and current misrule of TRS led government , highlighting the role of NRIs.

PCC President commended NRIs role in spreading awareness amongst the diaspora as well as Telangana people of their rights and urged upon them to highlight the suppression of freedom of expression and speech by TRS.

He asked NRIs to highlight Telangana movement and people’s struggle and fight with democratic means and after achieving Telangana people’s aspirations and democratic rights are suppressed post Telangana.

Uttam Reddy emphasized the need for expansion of party affairs in middle east. MLC Ranga Reddy and NRI Cell chairman Dr.Vinod also attended the call.

Dr.Vinod also commended the energy and enthusiasm of NRIs and urged upon everyone to continue to highlight failures of TRS led government .

Speaking to NRIs MLC M. Ranga Reddy Garu invited suggestions and research work in the process of preparing election manifesto coming 2019 and noted the great work on social media of all NRIs.

Telangana overseas Convener Raydas Manthena highlighted the achievement of Telangana Overseas Congress in quick time in USA and the role played in Rahul Gandhi recent visit to USA and introduced his team.

Dr. Mohammed Jameel co-convener of Telangana Overseas Congress emphasized the role of bringing back traditional vote bank of minorities back to congress by giving representation of minorities in TPCC, Raj Boda co-convener spoke on NRIs role in social media and need of more data provision availability from TPCC, core team members Rammohan Kapilwai spoke on TRS suppressing voices in assembly which is pillar of democracy , Sudhakar Goud from U.K. stress the need of organizational changes, Vijay Donthi and Phani Reddy Baddam expressed concerns about TRS undemocratic rule. NRIs Sandeep Vangala, Srinivas Ranabothu on farmers. 100 plus NRIs across USA and UK attended the global conference with TPCC president!

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