Bandla Ganesh to defend PK in politics

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In a new low for live TV, Roja and Bandla Ganesh verbally abused each other. Roja called Tollywood producer Bandla Ganesh a pimp, and Ganesh retorted that Roja didn’t become an actor straightaway, referring to casting couch.

The debate, which was aired on TV9 on Tuesday, was hosted by anchor Rajinikanth. The topic of discussion on the ‘Big News Big Debate’, a prime-time debate program, was about dynasty politics and if actor Pawan Kalyan deserved to be a political leader.

Bandla Ganesh, a self-proclaimed Pawan Kalyan fan, took his star’s side and defended him.

The debate began to take a turn for the worse when Ganesh asked Roja to address Pawan Kalyan respectfully. In the process, the bickering between the two escalated when Ganesh called Roja a ‘golden leg’ and went on to say that late Chief Minister YS Rajasekhar Reddy died because of Roja and her ill horoscope.

“You please stay in the same party only. The entire country knows about you. You sent off a great leader like Rajasekhar Reddy to afterlife,” he said.

Infuriated with his comments, Roja lost her cool. “What are you talking about, you idiot,” she says and threatens to break his teeth.

Ganesh too responded in the vein and called her an idiot, besides threatening her of breaking her teeth. He said, “Do you have any shame? Are you behaving like an MLA? Do you have any common sense? Did Pawan take a shortcut like you? Did you come straight into politics?”.

Tensions escalated between the two, who continue to take personal jibes at each other.

The debate didn’t go down well with the audience.  Many opined that the political discourse stooped to a new low with this ‘discussion’, where the panel, instead of making valid points with meaningful discussions, resorted to verbally abusing each other.

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