Captain Uttam, the only hope for fair governance in Telangana!

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Indian people become very patriotic, nationalistic when watching Cricket. People even get goose bumps when singing or listening to National Anthem. People think it’s heroic when they participate in Kargil army discussions. Congress party is going to give Telangana people an opportunity to choose a man, who fought for the country and clean U-Certified politician in 2019 elections, as their Chief Minister.

What are the qualities of a leader and the difference between KCR and Uttam?

2019 is going to be a contest between U-Certified Uttam and A-Certified KCR. People get to choose one of them.

The key qualities of a leader- Honesty, Education, Efficiency, Vision, Charisma, Good Listener, Able to inspire people etc.

KCR popularly known as Dubai Sekhar, Fake notes Sekhar is very dishonest. 90% of the time he failed to keep his promises like Dalit CM, 2 acres land to Dalits, Double bedroom scheme and what not. Uttam, honestly served the nation being in army and 4 time MLA with zero corruption allegations and implemented all his election promises. He is popular for this honesty.

KCR graduated Bachelor of Arts from Siddipet Degree College where as Uttam graduated Bachelor of Science, National Defense Academy and completed Weapons Employment Course from College of AIR Warfare. They both have enough education to run a state.

KCR  totally failed as chief minister of Telangana. He failed to implement run the government in an efficient way. He hardly goes to office(Secretariat). Never meets people or local leaders. An efficient leader should implement many programs in short span like for example YSR during 2004-2009. Uttam is the go to person for his constituency problems. KCR has the ability to take strong, bold and quick decisions and very poor in following them up with concrete action but whereas Uttam didn’t get a chance to prove himself.

KCR’s vision is to make his son KTR, the CM of Telangana and daughter as Cabinet minister either in state or center. Where as Uttam’s vision is to develop and implement welfare programs for the downtrodden. KCR has corrupt vision.

KCR has the ability to pull up resources, inspire people, gather momentum, and change opinions but he cannot get the things because of his corrupt mindset.

KCR is poor in delegating responsibilities.  Charisma happens to be an attribute given to a person only in retrospection. KCR, YSR became charismatic at the end of their career. Uttam is at the beginning of his career. KCR is definitley more popular than Uttam but if people are looking for clean, fair governance they need to choose U-Certified leader.




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