Divides within INOC-Telangana are the smallest says National President

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NRI ties to the political parties are stronger than ever, and passions on local issues are intensely felt. Partisan polarization once was considered an affliction only of elected officials and political elites – not anymore.  One of the key weaknesses  in Indian political system is that political parties do not necessarily follow internal party democracy except few parties like INC (Indian National Congress).

Congress Party method of selection of candidates and election of its leaders is somehow transparent compared to others, and in fact has all the features of autocratic machinations that are rooted  for healthy democracy.  Usually these selection methods promote nepotism, sycophancy, unilateralism, apotheosis of certain individuals or families, but Congress tries to avoid this as much as it can.

Just as in a family where everyone is related and shares common characteristics, there are still notable differences between members. Likewise India National Overseas Congress- Telagana Chapter has 2 groups now.

Telangana PCC-NRI Cell  issued a letter appointing Roy Das Manthena as Convener and few Co-Conveners without INOC (Indian National Overseas Congress) and AICC (All India Congress Committee) consent.

AICC appointed Sam Pitroda as Chairman Overseas Congress  on Jun 1st 2017.  Sam started to rebuild and energize by expanding Overseas Congress  state Chapters. .

Shud Prakash Singh, National President of INOC told VILEKHARI that Dr. Rajender Jinna is undoubtedly the President (Founder President) of INOC Telangana Chapter and the team working with him is approved by both INOC and AICC. Members of both the groups made Rahul Gandhi’s recent visit to USA a huge success.

Shud further added, INOC is ready to work with TPCC team as per their recommendations and said Roy’s commitment towards Congress party is very much appreciated.  News which is spreaded over Social Media that one of these committees is fake, is totally incorrect. Both teams are committed and working diligently for Congress Party against Communalism, Monarchism with TRS and BJP.

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