Muslim professionals join Congress

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TPCC President Uttam Reddy has slammed the TRS Government for its alleged failure to implement the major electoral promise of giving 12% reservation in jobs and education to Muslims.

Mr. Reddy was speaking at Gandhi Bhavan after scores of professionals and intellectuals from the minority community joined the party extending their support to the State leadership and AICC president Rahul Gandhi.

The TPCC chief pointed out that former leaders of Jana Shakti had recently joined Congress while the influx of party leaders from the TDP, TRS and other groups and different sections of the society into Congress was on. He said the joining of eminent personalities and intellectuals was a clear indication that the party’s mass appeal had strengthened and it would bounce back to power in 2019 elections.

Mr. Reddy said that as a citizen he was shocked over the way BJP was treating minorities and how religious fundamentalism under BJP regime was at its peak wherein people are being targeted for what they eat and wear. “Independent India had never seen such behavior. Secularism and equality was the fundamental philosophy of Congress party and it gives equal respect to all religions.”


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