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PK instigating caste politics in Andhra?

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Part time and maverick politician Pavan Kalyan spoke about the history of caste violence in Vijayawada and how it peaked with the murder of Congress leader Vangaveeti Mohan Ranga. People who talk more about caste whether positive or negative are stuck neck deep in caste ism.

PK said “We can’t talk about Vijayawada politics without making a mention of the caste clashes, particularly the Ranga episode, as thousands of families of all castes suffered a lot in the wake of his killing, which was itself a wrongful act as there were laws to punish if he had done anything that made his rivals take a revenge by killing him in broad daylight when he was unarmed. It is time people rose above the caste feeling if Amaravati is to shape up into a world-class capital city”

Vangaveeti Mohana Ranga, a leader of the Congress party, who belonged to the Kapu community,  was murdered in 1988 when he was on a hunger strike.

The murder set off unprecedented violence in Vijayawada and other parts of the Krishna district as well as neighbouring ones.

While more than 40 people were killed, property worth over Rs 100 crore was damaged.

The violence stopped after the then CM NT Rama Rao made his TDP MLA Devineni Nehru surrender. Then Home Minister Kodela Sivaprasada Rao also had to resign and sad part is he is now Assembly Speaker (The Speaker presides over the House’s debates, determining which members may speak. The Speaker is also responsible for maintaining order during debate, and may punish members who break the rules of the House. ).

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