HCA condemn the statement made by Mohd Azharuddin

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Mohd Azharuddin has undoubtedly been one of India’s greatest cricketers over the years. He had flourished both as a batsman and a skipper and was also an agile fielder. However, apart from his cricketing know-how, he has also been in the thick of things in terms of controversies surrounding several issues.

In a recent development, the former Indian captain blamed the Hyderabad Cricket Association (HCA) for corrupt practices in selection procedures. He mentioned that a lady approached him and disclosed that one of the selectors demanded Rs 5 Lakhs to get a player selected in a certain stateside. However, in a recent press release, the HCA dismissed the allegations and referred to them as baseless.


Vivek HCA President posted on Facebook wall saying opposite group guys in HCA are speaking about conflict of interest against me.
Would like clarify as follows :
1) Visaka industries took a loan and paid HCA Rs 4.30 crores in 2004 in the pre IPL days when nobody came forward to sponsor the construction of the stadium.
Being a public limited company, visaka was given some rights.
2) GMR and Bharathi cements too co -sponsored after construction of the stadium after IPL popularised cricket and were given similar rights. 
3) When Arshad Ayub was President of HCA , he wanted to change the name as HCA were likely to get Rs 70 to 80 crores. He cancelled the agreement unilaterally.
4) Visaka being a public limited entity was forced to go for arbitration and an award for 24 crores as per arbitration was awarded. The then executive committee and annual general body approved the settlement.
Hence, there is neither an agreement nor rights between Visaka and HCA.
5) As per latest bye laws of HCA , any future agreements come under the clause of conflict of interest and am not attracted by that clause. However, as a moral obligation, I have brought this to the attention of the ombudsman.
Looks like, doing something good for the game of cricket attracts jealousy n adverse remarks from opponents who have not done anything for cricket.
Public need to view whether sponsoring the construction of the stadium is beneficial to HCA or Visaka.

Dear friends. HCA has been in the news for last few days. I need to put across facts for you to come to a decision. Spl general body meeting was called for on 7th to pass rest of the Lodha Committee recommendations. As per Supreme Court guidelines , proxy members are not allowed. Azharuddin came in an invalid ID card as a proxy with suspended secys signature. The ID cards were received on 5th evening at 6 pm and Azhar came with a card signed on 3 Rd Jan.
Flouting rules – should they be allowed as they are high profile. Both V. Hanumanth rao senior congress leader and Azhar wanted to politicalise as Azhar is future congress Candidate from Hyderabad. We welcome Azhar for his advise on betterment of cricket – although he has not mentored any budding crickets nor has he given any suggestions for improvement of game. They want to play pure politics and Apex council does not want HCA to become a political platform. One may say that I too am political. But I was associated with cricket from childhood. I was a member of the Hyderabad Public School , Nrupatunga Junior College and Osmania medical college cricket teams. My company Visaka industries ltd came forward to sponsor the construction of the Uppal cricket stadium in th Pre IPL days and am duly elected by the secretaries of HCA. My goal and aim is to set right crciket and ensure transparent systematic functioning of HCA so that selections are free and fair and HCA gets back to its old glory days. Despite HCA not receiving any funds, we have been running the game of cricket and ensuring that the budding cricketers crciket is on right path.
Lets all get back to strengthening HCA and the positive mood generated in HCA winning Buchi babu and moinudowla continues further.

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