Kids and Power in Telangana Congress

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In Philippines after restoration of democracy in 1987, more than 60% of the country’s House of Representatives has been made up of dynastic clans. Multiple studies have found that this has had deleterious consequences. In 2012, a study by Roland Mendoza, an economics professor at the Asian Institute of Management in the Philippines, found that constituencies ruled by dynasts tended to have more poverty and higher income inequality. Findings proved provinces dominated by family clans were less likely to perform well in terms of infrastructure development, health spending, criminality and employment.

Telangana Congress leaders keep calling KTR as Prince of TRS and Telagana is ruled by KCR Family. What about Congress Party?

For starters, they must convince skeptics that the idea of dynastic rule in India is not an anachronism. As education levels rise, many voters appear to have grown disenchanted with India’s anomalous position among major democracies. They can see that in the U.S., for instance, the surname Bush or Clinton may give you a leg up in politics, but it hardly guarantees a term in the Oval Office.

How many political heirs are getting ready to contest elections in 2019 Assembly elections? Few from the list:

Raghuvir Kunduru Son of Jana Reddy

Karthik Reddy Son of Indra Reddy

Aditya Marri, Son of Marri Shashidhar Reddy

Komati Reddy family

Bhatti Vikramarka family

Uttam Reddy family

DK Aruna family etc… the list goes on.

Of course, nobody can rule out a Congress comeback. Clearly there will be more than one aspirants in congress party from the same constituency.  Will congress give tickets to the families who are from political families or no? What is the selection criteria?

Next step in Telangana after the formation of new state is to get rid of corruption, nepotism, affirmative action ( reservations) and religious fanaticism and Telangana will prosper.

People are glad telangana congress is in safe hands of Uttam Reddy who is strictly against corrupt politics. To save democracy in Telangana, congress party should conduct debates in each constituency and request all aspirants to participate in the debate. Topics like local issues, how they can mobilize resources etc should be discussed for a better society.


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