Modi finally has some time for Naidu, ‘Atma Gouravam’ in doldrums

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TDP came into existence with ‘Telugu Vadi Atma Gouravam’ slogan. Ramoji Rao and Andhra media spread the slogan all over to bring down congress back in days.

After repeated requests from Naidu, Modi finally gave an appointment on Jan 12th.

Naidu used to literally dictate terms when the TDP supported the NDA government between 1999 and 2004 but not now. With Prime Minister Narendra Modi emerging stronger, Chandrababu finds himself even more in a helpless position.

As political observers see, the TDP needs the BJP more than the other way round and Chandrababu obviously finds himself in a “disadvantageous” position when it comes to getting things done by the Center.

Privately, even senior leaders of the TDP agree that the relationship between Chandrababu and Modi is “strained”. Despite repeated requests at regular intervals, the prime minister did not grant an appointment to Chandrababu for a one-on-one meeting to discuss state issues in the last few months.


“Chandrababu releases a helium-filled balloon advertising that investments are pouring in by the billions, only to hoodwink people. His numerous foreign trips have only ended up with big zero in new investment (into the state),” claimed former Speaker Nadendla Manohar, who is from the Congress.

“Be it the London Eye or the bullet train… Chandrababu promised to get everything on the planet to Amaravati. He even said Amaravati would host the 2018 Olympics. Such is the hype he creates and it’s a habit with him,” Public Accounts Committee Chairman Buggana Rajendranath Reddy observed.

“He first promised to make Amaravati a Singapore, then Astana, New York and what not. The amount of hype is evident in this and he has a favorably-inclined media that propagates it,” he added.

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